Nope, that’s not a typo. I think I’ve just made this word up and I like it!  A cross between trauma and drama and that’s most certainly what we’re going through right now with the COVID-19 Virus. The world has changed as we know it and understandably we are all greatly challenged by anxieties and fears.

Social distancing can be a small deal a medium deal or it can be HUGE deal. Imagine how it is for those who have lost a loved one and can’t even go to their funeral or memorial. Perhaps you’ve already been through the heart ache of this yourself. The depth of that emotional pain is hard to fathom. My deepest felt condolences to anyone reading this who may have experienced exactly that.

There are those who have already been living life in a somewhat isolated fashion already. Either by choice or by circumstance. They’re used to being alone for the majority of the time and actually find it hard being around others too much. Perhaps they work from home, are single and prefer to keep to themselves for the majority of the time.Then of course we have the social butterflies who are right now climbing the walls with loneliness. It’s for sure a mixed bag but one thing is for certain, anxiety is at an all-time high.

One way or the other, social distancing is not only required but the smart thing to do to protect ourselves and others. A relatively small pill to swallow, metaphorically, in the scheme of this epic diabolical worldwide disaster. In spite of all the media coverage showing teenagers frolicking on beaches worldwide, the vast majority are doing their part by acting responsibly and handling it well.

The use of prescription anti-anxiety meds is up 34% from March and steadily climbing.  (See link to article below.) A whole new wave of people becoming addicted to tranquilizers and it’s only a question of time before we see the suicide rates soar. I also anticipate seeing obsessive compulsive disorder climb rapidly too. With the washing of hands and the sanitizing of pretty much everything we touch, an excess of sanitary rituals and habits will develop.

We know already that alcohol consumption and addictive drug use has surged as has domestic violence. Incredibly sad. Many using food to console themselves and binging while others are too stressed to eat at all. Many suffering debilitating insomnia. We’re all deeply affected with a vast array of manifestations. One way or the other it seems that no one is spared from the anxieties and stress that this insidious virus is causing. So many lonely, frightened and scared. More than ever we need to rely on each other to stay strong, be responsible and have faith in something bigger than ourselves.

To those who have lost their lives I mourn and for those fighting for their lives I ask the universe to show mercy.

On the flip-side we’re seeing amazing creativity coming from all sorts of industries. One that struck me particularly was a lady I saw on TV doing a woman’s nails through the letterbox. Genius! As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Clever things will be designed created and built and it will be fascinating to see the positives that emerge from the proverbial rubble.

If we can keep our heads, stay calm and not be consumed with criticism, blame or hatred there will be much learned about ourselves and the world around us. The power of community and kindness, even when at a social distance, is already shining in many aspects.

As I’m a hypnotist/hypnotherapist and life coach by profession, I’ve made a 30 minute recording to help you. Try to stay away from dangerous pills, too much alcohol or junky food. Empower yourselves; keep your immune systems strong the best you can. Get up a move your bodies. Guided imagery, hypnosis and self hypnosis are a much more productive way to get calm and feel centered than drugs, excess alcohol or food. I think you’ll enjoy my recording encouraging you to remain confident and strong. I don’t mention the virus in this audio and I think you’ll find it uplifting. Please don’t listen to it while driving any machinery. Here’s the YouTube link:

For further reading. An enlightening yet sad article on the increase in anti-anxiety medication:

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Be safe. Stay strong.


Be Confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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