Tips For QUITTING Smoking, Vaping, E-Cigarettes

HYPNOSIS to quit smoking, vaping, or E-cigarettes is a highly effective way to go. Most people have heard of this or know someone who has easily and successfully been able to quit smoking by using hypnosis. Here’s why.

When the subconscious can be involved in shifting behavior, that’s where change happens. We simply HAVE to have the subconscious on board as in most cases conscious determination and willpower can only take us so far if it’s in conflict with other parts of that person wanting a different outcome. No matter how much we might want something consciously, the subconscious simply has to be on board or it’s most likely not going to happen, or at least not be a permanent change.

Many people who smoke view it as their friend. They have a very deep and personal relationship with it which sometimes seems unshakable. They identify themselves as smokers for one reason or another even if they may not have stopped to look at why over the years. It’s true that for a smoker there are times where they feel it calms them down, rewards them, breaks the boredom or even gets them out of a social situation. There can be countless reasons but the bottom line is this, it’s a habit and an extremely deeply entrenched one.

The jury is actually out as to whether smoking is in fact an addiction or a habit. I believe it to be a habit and often ask my clients: ‘do you get up in the middle of the night to smoke, how many hours can you actually go without smoking?’ Surprisingly they will go as long as they have to if there’s no choice. No, they don’t convulse on the floor, get the shakes, become nauseated and have typical symptoms of withdrawing from a drug.

If the smoker can change the way they perceive their identity around smoking, the chances of them quitting successfully and permanently are greatly increased. If they can understand that they are closely tied to the habit and are not actually an addict they can take a whole different point of view in how they approach stopping. Again, we need the subconscious on board to achieve this.

Even if it was a friend at times, did have some positive calming effects perceived or otherwise, some friends can get nasty and turn on us. That’s the way we need to view cigarettes/vapes or other forms of nicotine. It can get nasty and turn around and wound. Best to ditch the fake friend who turns nasty before they have a chance to bite first!

I never actually ask my smoking clients how long they’ve smoked or how much they smoke. It’s completely irrelevant. The fact is they want to quit and it’s time to move forward free from anxiety, free from craving, free from impulse and free from discomfort and or gaining weight is all I need to know. It’s true that they MUST truly want to stop.

There is some basic information that many don’t understand before they attempt to quit which is often the difference between failure and success. One of them is understanding that a craving actually doesn’t last very long. Typically no more than three minutes and very often less. The thought of smoking or an ‘urge’ of course could last longer but a true craving is usually fairly quick. Each and every time they can move through that craving without acting upon it they are re-wiring, re-training the mind and body that they don’t actually need or want to smoke. So the trick is to stop analyzing and get busy with quick little ‘pattern interrupts’ when a craving or urge does hit. It has to be quick, intercepted fast before the mind has time to act and be on the auto pilot of lighting up.  Yep, it’s just like being on auto pilot!

I’ve come up with a special breathing technique that I won’t describe here that helps tremendously along with some other instant things that can be done to divert the mind and the hands too. We have to remember that THE MIND WILL LEAD AND THE BODY WILL FOLLOW.

Another fact that very few smokers understand, and is I feel a crucial component of quitting in one session and never returning to it, comes from sugar balance issues.

When a person quits smoking and feels they are having a craving it is in fact often just that their blood sugar level has dropped. This can cause anxiety, uncomfortableness, that antsy feeling people describe and also the urge to eat. Sometimes it’s not in fact a nicotine craving at all but the blood sugar dropping too low. Nicotine can make blood sugar levels go up so when we take it away the body has to readjust to the new norm of lower blood sugar, at least for a period of time. Nicotine literally changes the way the body uses glucose. So, understanding how to eat when quitting smoking is essential. Little small things throughout the day, usually in the form of protein which will convert to sugar and not cause weight gain. Other ideas might be an apple, a small handful of grapes, a few nuts etc… The trick is to keep the blood sugar balanced which in turn will greatly diminish cravings, anxieties and the urge/compulsion to overeat.

It is extremely important to replace the habit with quick positive actions, usually physically. This isn’t necessarily by doing long workouts, that would be nice but not realistic for most but indeed by small simple actions which will divert the person from being triggered to smoke. It can be by breathing techniques, getting up and walking through that craving, dancing around, going up and down the stairs a few times with deliberate steps while repeating good sounding words. Usually these ‘diversions’ need only be done for three minutes or less until the craving passes. We create new, simple rituals until they are no longer needed. Apply this knowledge and these tips to a great hypnosis session and you CAN’T NOT SUCCEED.


Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht

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