Dealing With Anxiety And Panic

Dealing with anxiety and panic. THE marriage between hypnosis and anxiety is a very happy one.  Anxiety can come in many forms and is, in my opinion, at the base of countless problems and illnesses that my clients struggle with. Anxiety starts in the mind, sometimes consciously but more often subconsciously so that’s exactly where we can make it stop, in the subconscious.  What starts out as a thought, a perception will translate into the physical body which is what the flight or fight response is all about.  The thought comes, the fear, the perceived danger and a domino effect takes place between mind and body.  Of course this is the subconscious trying to protect us and keep us safe but unfortunately can become a somewhat difficult mental and physical habit to break when the pattern keeps repeating and the actual danger is only perceived and not real.

When we talk about the ‘physical’ component of anxiety and or panic attacks, it’s well known that hormones are involved and particularly adrenaline is produced in excessive quantities which is why those all too common symptoms start triggering.  I won’t go into detail on that here but for those of you who suffer with anxiety, it needs no explanation and someone telling you to ‘calm down’ makes it even worse! I have come up with many techniques that I use in my sessions and one of them is for the mind to start controlling the flow of adrenaline and or excess cortisol to what I like to call a ‘trickle’ instead of a flood.  We must have some adrenaline to keep us safe when presented with real danger but we must close the water damn so to speak if the metaphorical river of adrenaline/hormones is rushing. There is no question that the mind can and does communicate with the body even at the cellular level.

Most anxiety is actually the fear of fear itself.  It is also the manifestation of feeling out of control and the thousands of anxiety clients I have worked with over nearly 25 years all tell me the same when asked.  They do indeed feel the need to stay in control and their attacks are much more severe when they feel out of control. Their backgrounds will often have been a little chaotic and those feelings of being out of control, and therefore trying to restore some control, can start at a very early age. This can trigger the mind to trigger the body which then results in the symptoms when all along it’s just been a thought, again usually subconscious. The anxiety and panic will start rushing in and we have to stop it quickly before it takes a full hold.  I liken it to a migraine in the sense that intervention must be quick as trying to stop a migraine in full swing is extremely difficult. When dealing with anxiety and panic, we have to intercept it rapidly.

This is why I teach my clients very specific little tricks to use instantly when they feel the anxiety or panic starting to ‘rush’.  Simple quick ‘do it now’ techniques to ‘pattern interrupt’ the attack and feeling of anxiety, panic and stress. Bilateral stimulation exercises, a specific and extremely effective breathing pattern I have created, listening to the hypnosis session audio I provide and much more. Anxiety, as awful as it is for those who suffer with it, can in fact be a diversion from the subconscious to think about/feel something even worse. A sort of protection mechanism. I know, that sounds odd but is how it often works.  Our subconscious minds WANT to protect us, keep us safe and sometimes information is out of date, scrambled and needs to be re-calibrated, re-framed, and re-organized. Out of date useless information which may have been leading to problematic symptoms can be replaced with healthy, calming thoughts, actions and reactions.

Climbing aboard the anxiety train is to a certain extent a decision.  A decision which can be reversed but we have to move from that thought or idea quickly and take rapid action.  We can choose to not go on that racing, frantic train ride, metaphorically. These are the types of things I teach and coach my anxiety clients how to do. We literally have to form a new ‘habit’ of not responding with anxiety.  My clients will also often hear me say:

Just because you have a thought, doesn’t make it true.

Just because somebody else has a thought, doesn’t make it true.

Through the use of wonderful, powerful, skilled, relaxing and trans-formative hypnosis and hypnotherapy we can literally change the way we think and therefore many outcomes. It’s not about what’s happening around us, it’s the way we mentally and physically react to it. Take heart. Believe in your amazing subconscious mind. Dealing with anxiety and panic is so much easier when hypnosis comes into play.

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To your success.

Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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