Techniques And Tips To Crush Anxiety – Free Resources

I’ve put together a collection of extremely effective and helpful resources to combat anxiety and trauma. They’re all free. Sometimes taking ‘ACTION’ is the most helpful of all. These are all techniques that I teach my clients depending on their particular struggles and concerns. Because I specialize in anxiety I have found that ‘talking about it’ isn’t very effective and we need to create actual change within the mind and body.

Nearly always anxiety, fear and trauma are at the base of so many of our problems.  Binging, overeating, not eating enough, insomnia, alcohol/drug dependence, restlessness, panic, irritability, negative self soothing habits with a myriad of other issues.

Below you can just follow along with each YouTube easily. They will all instruct you what to do and none of them take very long. The longest is my own 30 minute audio for anxiety. It’s super relaxing and may help you sleep much better.

Let’s start with a wonderful and fascinating technique known as Bi-Lateral Stimulation. There are many ways to use Bi-Lateral Stimulation but I particularly like this one and my clients do too. To quote Wikipedia:

1) Bilateral Stimulation

“The use of visual, auditory, or tactile external stimuli occurring in a rhythmic side-to-side pattern. It is a core element of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a common treatment for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While the client thinks about distressing memories and feelings, the therapist uses external stimuli to facilitate bilateral stimulation. The treatment originally used only left-to-right eye movements as the bilateral stimulus but other forms of stimuli, often physical vibration in combination with binaural sounds, are now commonly being used as alternatives.”

Follow along with the YouTube below. It’s easy and it will show you exactly what to do. It doesn’t need to be a ball if you don’t have one. A rolled up pair of socks will do. Keep it simple – simple is best.


2) Spinning Feelings

“Dr. Richard Bandler introduced the technique of Spinning Feelings. The technique is to
locate the place where the feeling started and identify the direction in which
it was spinning. Getting rid of the feeling (anxiety, resentment, fear anger
etc) is achieved by giving the feeling a different color and spinning it in
the opposite direction.”

I know! Sounds nuts but it works incredibly well.


3) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

“Tapping stimulates the energy system that travels along the body’s meridian pathways, thereby restoring balance and relieving distress. During a Tapping session, the participant focuses on an undesirable emotion, such as anxiety, a stressful situation while maintaining focus on the concern, the participant uses their fingertips to tap on each of the body’s meridian points. Specific phrases are repeated during the session to maintain the focus on the issue at hand. Tapping on the meridian points while concentrating on accepting the negative emotion or concern helps re-balance the body’s energy.”

Follow along with Julie Schiffman with the YouTube below.


 EFT 2nd Youtube 

Follow along with Brad Yates with the YouTube below.


5) Havening

Here is a brief overview from explaining this psycho sensory method.

“The Havening Techniques are a healing modality designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding. The Havening Techniques belong to a larger group of methods called psycho sensory therapies, which use sensory input to alter thought, mood, and behavior. The Havening Techniques are a system comprised of protocols and methods that uses touch as a therapeutic tool, which we call Havening Touch®. The Havening Techniques have three (3) distinct applications—the first is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; the second is for wellness, stress management, and peak performance; and the third is a self-help tool.”

Just follow along with Paul McKenna here. This is a particular favorite and works so well for extreme anxiety and trauma


6) Self Hypnosis – Guided Imagery

And last but not least, me! This is self explanatory but in simple terms this is when we engage the subconscious to re-frame our perceptions and reactions for lasting change. Here’s a 30 minute audio I created recently. It’s to calm you but also has an emphasis on increasing confidence. Never listen to this while driving. If you’d like to work online with me, here’s a link to my site.

Audio For Anxiety

I really hope you use and enjoy these free resources to combat anxiety. I’ve handpicked them for you because I know they work and with practice you’ll find them all so easy to do. I’m sure you’ll resonate more with some than others and it’s all good. The most important thing though is to take action and as I mentioned earlier, keep it simple. It truly is the simplicity that will keep us calm and grounded. We really do become our thoughts to a huge extent. It’s important to talk kindly to ourselves and change internal negative dialogues.

To Your Success.

Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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