Take Your Power Back From Abusive Relationships

Take your power back from abusive relationships. Getting through and healing from abuse and abusive/toxic relationships of all sorts and at any age can be a long and difficult ride. The earlier someone seeks help, the better off they will be in recovering from the immense damage done to their psyche and soul.

Any of us who have been through this know all too well that it takes a long time of building self-confidence and self-esteem back up, indeed if it was even ever there at all, to move forward free from the “emotional” clutches of those who have harmed us. Most abusers are parasites of a sort, going after the most vulnerable and often the kindest people. They will target them knowing they are easy prey. Most abusers are bullies and lazy. They are thieves stealing the happiness and safety of others to in some way promote their own egos and feelings of value. Indeed many abusers were abused themselves.

As we all know abuse can come in so many forms. Sexual, physical, emotional etc… And no one type of abuse is less destructive and ravaging than another. Indeed, one can often flow into another and it’s not so much what is actually happening to the abused person but the drowning feeling and the loss of personal power within their own lives and thoughts that shatters them to the core.

Often abused people will continue to go from one abusive relationship to the next. As hideous as it is, it’s familiar and their self-worth has been so fractured that they may not even realize that they deserve to be treated better. Their belief in self is often completely warped and they have little concept of their value as a human being. They have learned to believe what their abusers have been telling them or conveying to them by their actions. Often abusers have been abused themselves adding to the pile of broken souls.

Those who have suffered abuse will often go on to have toxic friendships and become people pleasers seeking attention and validation at every turn. Often twisting themselves into pretzels, grasping for approval from others. They will often have a hard time standing up for themselves in workplace situations, within a family, and indeed any and all aspects of their lives will be deeply touched. A huge percentage of those who have been abused will go on to become addicts in one form or another. A way to quell the pain, anything to escape. In order to heal you have to take take your power back from abusive relationships. Do it before there is little to no confidence left and escapism behaviors run riot.

I think the absolute favorite part of my work as a hypnotherapist, EFT tapping practitioner and coach is to help my clients truly take their power back. No matter how long ago or how recently they have been abused, nothing could be more joyful than watching them spread their wings and flying free. Helping them to restructure their own belief system, releasing and removing negative imprints stamped upon them by the weak people who preyed or prey upon them. Helping them to learn that their words and voices deserve to be heard, their bodies deserve to feel healthy and be well, their thoughts belong to them. Showing them how their amazing subconscious mind wants to protect them and that we can now re-frame the way they see themselves, the way they talk to and treat themselves. Removing blocks, getting “unstuck”, update the information and inner beliefs that have kept them circling from one toxic relationship to the next.

Learning how to truly accept real love and be capable of knowing the difference between true love and when they are being used and manipulated. To learn what healthy love and friendship really is and to attract kind and positive people into their world. They need help and support but ultimately it’s an “inside” job. I absolutely love and am honored to be a part of that healing journey with them, to break the cycle.

Self love, self dignity, self respect is a beautiful thing. Claim it now. Its’ time to take your power back from abusive relationships.
Release the shame, release the anger and take your power back. Smile again, laugh, and be free.

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For further reading, here is a great article on letting go of toxic relationships.  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/happiness-is-state-mind/201805/overcoming-the-aftermath-leaving-toxic-relat


Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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