Successful Weight Loss. A winning formula with combined techniques.

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I HAVE been and will continue to be my own guinea pig when it comes to the weight loss situation. Without writing a book, something I’ve struggled with on and off all my life – my relationship with food and body image. My guess is it’s something I will forever have to work on and watch out for. This post will actually help me to stay accountable to myself.

I’m not even particularly heavy on the before picture to the left but I certainly didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. The reason for that was mostly because I knew what my private relationship with food was, may not be dramatic on the outside but for sure some turmoil on the inside. 

A few years ago I came across a winning formula with my clients, almost by mistake. Having worked with weight loss clients fairly successfully for decades it wasn’t until I started combining ’stuff’ that things really took off in a big way. Excuse the metaphor and the pun! 

I have some clients who want to lose a 100/150 pounds or more, others 50 to 70 pounds and some only10 pounds or less and those who just have a stinking, awful, obsessed, toxic relationship with food. It’s become their enemy instead of their friend and I think that’s sad and heartbreaking.

As powerful as it is, I got tired of people thinking Hypnosis was a magic wand when it came to weight loss and I actually stopped working with it for a number of years. Then I decided maybe I needed to reevaluate and see what would complement it well and truly work long-term. Here’s the shocking truth. Some will be adamantly against this but I’m telling you this is the formula that’s working for many, many, many people. I wish I could show you all the pictures but of course I can’t.

This is what consistently yields incredible results.

1) GREAT hypnosis with a private recording to listen to repetitively. Got to get the subconscious on board. It can be what we call ‘content free’ in the hypnosis community, don’t necessarily have to dig back and never re-traumatize. It is what it is, let’s start from where we are.

2) Weight Watchers. No deprivation, a wonderful community of support and knowledge. You can remain anonymous. The connection is CRUCIAL and is a missing component for many, it certainly was for me until I finally accepted and grasped that concept.

3) EFT tapping.

4) A simple technique I invented and named ‘The 5 X 3’ for releasing anxiety, guilt, shame, remorse and compulsions. I teach it to all my clients.

I have nothing to gain by recommending Weight Watchers. I myself had tried it multiple times with huge failures until I started combining everything together. As I mentioned, I was and am my own guinea pig. And, in the most beautiful way by helping my clients I learn from them.

When people tell me they know what to eat and what to do but they’re just not doing it, I get it. I even have a degree in holistic health and it doesn’t make a scrap of difference. Nothing changes if nothing changes inside. We can’t leave a stone unturned (Europeans might catch that second metaphor😊) and must pursue at every level.

I actually refuse to and will not take on any weight loss clients unless they’re willing to combine all this together. The reason being I know without any shadow of a doubt that they will succeed by doing it this way. Their success is my success and my success is your success. I write this truly from the bottom of my heart. 💜

*For those interested, there’s almost a 30 pound difference between the photographs.


Originally from England and I started hypnosis when I was only 14 years old! I use the amazing power of the subconscious to help my clients make positive and lasting changes from the inside out. Whether they are victims of abuse, overweight, insomniacs, obsessive, over stressed, suffering from panic/anxiety disorder, IBS, needing confidence or wanting to increase sales and sports performance hypnosis is a powerful tool.