The cost of a session is $295 and is TWO HOURS long. This longer session is extremely important so there is enough time to really uncover your struggles, patterns, loops and then go into deep hypnosis. In some sessions I might incorporate other helpful modalities such as NLP or anxiety busting techniques. Everything is tailored to each individual client with a great deal of thought and care.

I work with my clients one session at a time and booking multiple sessions or packages is not required. We work together as a team for resolution of problems and issues that have been a struggle and you decide if you are enjoying working with me and know that I’m helping you.

*See below for more info on how many sessions are generally needed for best results.



*Generally recommended are three to four sessions spaced anywhere from four to eight weeks apart. This is not mandatory and I do not require a minimum amount of sessions. I have over my long career seen amazing shifts and profound changes in my clients with just ONE SESSION. I can’t exactly predict but my goal is for my clients to do well as quickly as possible. Their success is my success and being referred to friends and family is an honor.

However, when working with weight loss I highly recommend three sessions minimum for life changing and lasting results. You will quit smoking with one session but a follow up session as a booster is highly advised.

I am happy to record for you so that you can listen to your private hypnosis session repetitively. This not only allows the suggestions to be more deeply absorbed and accepted but also helps to teach how to go into self-hypnosis. I actually teach all my clients how to use self-hypnosis. My clients greatly appreciate their recordings which I email the following day as an MP3 and do not charge extra for.

Ongoing support by phone and email is key and welcomed, keeping in close contact with clients via emails and phone calls for continued support, at no extra charge.


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