The cost of a session is $260 and is AN HOUR AND 45 MINUTES long. This extra time is crucial so there is enough time to really talk about your struggles and then go into deep hypnosis and in some sessions, incorporate and learn EFT Tapping.

Generally recommended are three to six sessions spaced about four to six weeks apart. This is not mandatory and I do not require a minimum amount of sessions.  However, when working with weight loss I highly recommend six sessions for life changing and lasting results. You will quit smoking with one session but a follow up session as a booster is highly advised.

I encourage my clients to record their hypnosis session on their cell phone or other device so they can listen repetitively to allow suggestions to be more deeply absorbed. If you bring something with you to record on, I am happy to do that for you.

Ongoing support by phone and email is key and welcomed, keeping in close contact with clients via emails and phone calls for continued support, at no extra charge.


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