Lyme Disease Support

 EXCITING NEWS. The French drug manufacturer #Valneva has announced that they’ve successfully completed their first-ever human trial of a vaccine for Lyme disease. The vaccine, which is reportedly up to 96% effective, might soon be available in the UK and US at a “reasonably low” price. Here’s a link if you’d like to read more about it. Meanwhile there are way too many out there in desperate need of Lyme disease support.

What about the millions of people for whom a vaccine is too late? The extreme misery that Lyme disease inflicts on so many every year and from all corners of the globe. The vicious and often relentless bacteria that can affect and does severely damage so many. It can hit every system of the body and cause havoc. Unless caught and treated early it can be extremely hard to get rid of and to heal from. Believe me I know, I have lived the nightmare of Lyme myself many years ago. One of the darkest periods of my life.

There are multitudes of insidious side effects that a Lyme disease sufferer must deal with. Aside from of all the medical and physical harm it brings it regularly leaves victims frightened, lonely, frustrated, exhausted, despairing and in pain. Anxiety/panic and sleeplessness are all too common symptoms also along with the confusion and accompanying brain frog that most experience

Because most people who have Lyme disease look normal, so many around them have little to no clue of what their daily lives and nights are actually like. They endure more misery than many can possibly imagine. I have worked with a great amount of Lyme infected clients who have told me that even loving family members have viewed them as hypochondriacs because they don’t understand. Their symptoms so scattered and varied.

I myself will always vividly remember an incident long ago in the depths of illness on a day that I was feeling particularly desperate. My joints were hurting so badly, my mind was foggy, I was sad and anxious.  A local sister-in-law came by to visit and asked how I was. She didn’t really believe that Lyme was a real ‘thing’ and there were many others like her at the time. I told her I wasn’t feeling well at all and she said to me with such sarcasm in her voice, “Ah, we’re not sick again are we?” I realized at that point what a lonely disease this was and how humiliating it could be at times. I felt hurt and angry but was unable to express it and decided to just keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. I stopped discussing my medical condition with anyone other than my husband and my doctors. The isolation started to take over and I hear this time and time again from my clients. In spite of the very long and frightening battle that I had with this I know that it gave me much knowledge and compassion which to this day has helped me to help so many others with Lyme and the often accompanying co-infections.

There is much that we can do of a positive nature with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to support those who are suffering with Lyme disease. We can use deep relaxation and tap into the subconscious utilizing many techniques to help at so many levels both mental and physical. With anxiety, with insomnia and sleep issues, to be able to handle pain differently, to regain confidence, to find inner strength and hope amid the loneliness. We can use the powers of the subconscious to help motivate a client to move and exercise their body even if only a little bit each day. All of this adds up and goes a long way in Lyme disease support.

An improved mental attitude and outlook can go a long way in helping the immune system and various organs of the body to be less stressed. Suggestive therapy to help them stick to their nutritious eating plans to strengthen their systems. To be able to release resentment and often anger that has built up inside from the mere desperation that Lyme can bring. We can help the mind to be more centered and focused, improve memory and of course so many different and creative visualizations of seeing the body healing, even at the cellular level.

So, in addition to their medical treatment it is vitally important that Lyme patients are supported in all those other emotional side effects that Lyme will and does inflict. It brings me great joy to know that my trained and experienced skill and the power of hypnosis can help very many and I happily and routinely do.

Roll on this new and hopeful vaccine. LONG overdue.

Get in touch if you or someone you know is suffering and needs Lyme disease support.

To Your Success.

Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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