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Hypnosis uses are vast and varied. Here are some of the most popular topics/issues that clients come to us for. The Visual Gastric Band for weight loss is outstanding. Using multiple suggestions of motivation, confidence building and uncovering reasons for using food as a ‘safety blanket’ and ‘crutch.’ The Virtual Gastric Band instructs the subconscious to truly believe that the stomach has been made smaller. Your appetite will drop drastically with no pain or side effects and we see incredible results.

Chronic pain is another epidemic in which hypnosis can be used with astounding results.  The subconscious mind can literally DIAL down the pain and help the body to release natural pain killers. If there are hidden emotional attachments to the pain, they can be released and set free.

Vanessa uses ground breaking techniques for the releasing of phobias which hold many hostage and prisoners of their own minds. Hypnosis is also a well acknowledged and highly respected treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome when medical causes have been out ruled.

There are many out there whose fear of public speaking is holding them back from soaring in their careers or hitting the sales targets they know they are capable of. Hypnosis is a powerful ally and tool for those struggling with anxiety over taking tests and exams, at any age.

Other hypnosis uses include insomnia which is another troubling epidemic and we have large numbers of clients desperate for help with this. Many have become addicted to their sleep medications. After medical causes have been ruled out, hypnosis can turn the underlying reasons for insomnia around and is highly recommended by the National Institutes of Health. We all deserve to sleep, and a lack of it does immeasurable damage to us physically and mentally.

It all too common to see those burdened with crippling anxiety, stress and panic attacks. The world throws so much at us nowadays that it can be completely overwhelming. Our techniques for learning the skills to calm down, re-frame the fear at the subconscious and physical level work. Decreasing the flow of adrenaline that becomes a flood instead of a trickle is just one of many ways we can teach our own bodies to relax.  Uncovering the causes for the anxiety, stress and panic is essential and are all expertly weaved into session. Learning to take your power back is life changing and it is a constant source of joy to see clients feeling calm and confident again or perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Vanessa also uses an amazing technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping.  It works with the meridian lines and is a very effective way of directing energy.

Whether it is a hobby or as a career, sports endurance and performance can be immensely improved with the use of hypnosis. We all want to be the best we can be in achieving our goals and hypnosis is there to help us.

Vanessa is a member of many worldwide hypnosis forums continually keeping in touch with her peers, staying current with new ground breaking techniques and inventing many of her own. Her articles have been published in the quarterly publication, The National Journal of Hypnotism. She is also a longtime member of The National Guild of Hypnotists.

HERE is a list of hypnosis uses. If what you’re struggling with is not here, please get in touch to discuss it.

Anger Control
Confidence Building
Creative Visualization
Chronic Pain
Dental Phobia
Eating Disorders

EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Exercise Motivation
Fears and Phobias
Gambling Addiction
Immune System Boost
Inner Child Healing
Internet Addiction
Irritable bowel syndrome
Labor and Delivery
Memory Recall
Pain Control
Post Traumatic Stress
Public Speaking

Social Media Addiction/Dependence
Quit Smoking
Sports Performance
Stress Management
Quit Smoking Quit Vaping
Sports Performance/Endurance
Surgery Preparation

Test/Exam Anxiety
Video Game Addiction
Visual Gastric Bypass Surgery
Weight Loss