Hypnosis Is Fantastic For Weight Loss


Each of us has an extremely personal relationship with food, it can even be secretive. For some it’s like a love hate destructive affair. We all know the obvious, that we lose weight by eating less and moving our bodies more. Sounds so easy right?! So why do so many find it so difficult to lose and keep the weight off?

It’s because the subconscious, which is driving the eating patterns/habits/cravings has not been changed by just losing the weight. We will continue to go back to the old patterns over and over again until we literally change the ‘hard drive’ if you will within the depths of our mind and body.

Most of us have heard the term, living to eat or eating to live. It’s different for everybody and those who find themselves eating to live, so to speak, are the ones who have not been able to unlock and heal the hidden and submerged emotions which food is helping them to either soothe or bury. Those can range from fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression, boredom, abuse and much more. Often the primal need to feel ‘full’ if coming from a financially poor background where food was scarce and even food being used as a reward by parents who didn’t know better at the time. There are hundreds and hundreds of reasons for this and sometimes trying to find out exactly what they are, is helpful but most of the time not necessary. It can be costly and time-consuming for many sessions to pinpoint the exact root cause of the behavior. Certainly that approach can be extremely effective but I find it to be redundant in most cases. We can do what is known as content free Hypnosis in which we just move a client forward by changing the subconscious flow and finding different ways to replace and often remove the habits and behaviors. Changing the hard drive. Re-routing the patterns, re-wiring at an emotional level.

Most people will lose weight on a diet, often a lot of it, but end up gaining back even more than they lost sooner or later and repeating this pattern over and over again. So can we say then that diets actually work? Yes and no I suppose. If the weight doesn’t stay off, I don’t consider it to be ‘working’.

Nothing changes if nothing changes within the subconscious.

Hypnosis is one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve weight loss. I’ve seen it with my own happy eyes for hundreds and hundreds of successful clients. We need to get rid of the ‘diet’ mentality and learn how to enjoy food in sensible portions instead of obsessing over it. I even encourage some of my clients to join a support group such as Weight Watchers which is educational in teaching about healthier foods, the right balance and where they can find camaraderie and common ground with others who have or are struggling. We have to approach the challenge at both the emotional and physical levels. Deprivation, self punishment, guilt and shame will never make us well or slim.

TO YOUR SUCCESS. You CAN do it. I will believe in you until you can believe in yourself and the power of your amazing subconscious mind, it’s your friend.

Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht

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