Hypnosis For High Sales Performance

Is it true that some people are able to sell ice to Eskimos!? I believe it is. Maybe they’ll sell them better ice! Lol!

Selling is not for everybody and not for the faint of heart. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to go out and sell anything, whether it be an actual product, house, an idea, a concept or oneself.

I clearly remember at the age of roughly 18 getting a job selling double glazed windows in the suburbs of London. A van would take a team of us to a neighborhood and drop us off. We were each assigned certain streets we had to work, going door to door cold calling.

I had actually studied these double glazed windows thoroughly and there probably wouldn’t have been many questions I couldn’t have answered intelligently if I could just get my foot in the door. I remember vividly going from one house to the next and being pretty much shunned away. It was a dreadful evening and resulted in me hiding behind a bush after I knocked on one door and then lost my nerve. Disastrous for me but other people in the team had done very well that evening. True story!

So what made the difference? Simple answer. CONFIDENCE.

It isn’t just studying the product which of course is super important, it isn’t about having swagger and having the gift of the gab although that helps, it’s about having confidence. The person doing the selling has to really believe with every fiber of their being that they have the right to be there, the right to present the product/idea and the knowledge with which to do it. They have to have an inner peace knowing that even rejection of that product/idea has nothing to do with them personally. A potential rejection of the thing being pitched is not a rejection of them. This is where so many who struggle with sales go wrong. They are either unable to or greatly suffer with being able to NOT feel personally rejected.

I have worked with hundreds of people over many, many years who earn their living by selling one thing or another. They have booked sessions with me because their sales are down, have lost their mojo and the money isn’t coming in the way it was. Fear and panic starts to set in knowing that their livelihood depends on their ability to go out there and keep their sales high. Indeed often, their very jobs may depend on it.

So for those who sell for a living, they must know they can do it and want to do it, it’s essential to get the inner confidence settled first. Past negative imprints need to be removed so they can start with a clean slate. Of course they must know and understand their product, that’s a given. Hypnosis will help with that too. Memory retention, eloquence of speech, remembering facts and figures. Quieting down and eliminating negative self talk or narrow thinking and the physical symptoms of nervousness/anxiety when presenting & pitching.

By talking to and reasoning with the subconscious mind we can learn new habits of thinking, easy and quick ways to calm ourselves down and anchoring a strong belief in our own capabilities. Remembering that we don’t need to be perfect, that doing our best is all it takes, and that we deserve to do well. Knowing deeply from within that what others think of us is much less important than what we think of ourselves. How we can approach life not egotistically but with a solid foundation of self respect and belief in our abilities. If we need to learn something more to be better at sales then we’ll learn it. We can be what we want to be.

Very many of us have come from a background where criticism was a common thread. We take it personally; we shape and mold our lives around it when we really don’t need to. We can form our own way of thinking and being – starting NOW. We don’t have to buy in to somebody else’s belief of us or perhaps the limitations of their own thinking usually based in fear.

So if you want to up your game, decrease your anxiety and increase your income, sell with confidence and huge success, consider some hypnosis to help you. Let that wonderful subconscious mind of yours, your best friend, step in and help you. Be all that you can be.You deserve it.

To Your Success.

Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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