Conquer Test and Exam Anxiety

DO YOU need and want to conquer test and exam anxiety? It’s no secret that the world we live in today is more competitive than ever and the pressure to perform and excel has never been greater. We see in the news sad and despicable stories of rich people buying, or should I say stealing, highly desirable college placements for their kids. The amount of money that a good education costs is staggering, so a scholarship earned with fantastic grades is of course valuable beyond measure. Even loving and honest parents (unintentionally usually) can be extremely pushy and have extraordinarily high expectations for their children starting at a young age. In some areas there’s competition from nursery school to high school and way beyond. They mean no harm, they want them to be successful and happy but sadly often contribute greatly to the creation of massive and often debilitating test and exam anxiety – for some it borders on being a phobia. It’s not fair to blame parents though, society as a whole has gown this seed. However, the fear has no age limits and does not discriminate. It may not even be school or college exams, perhaps a driving test or a real estate exam. We encounter so many situations in the workplace where exams are required for the furthering of a career and sometimes even for hobbies which hold great meaning.

Are you one of those people who become stressed, freaked out and crazy nervous before taking a test or exam? If so, you’re not alone. Millions out there literally get queasy or feel ill before they sit for an exam. Churning stomachs, proverbial butterflies fluttering through the body, sweaty palms and racing heart, a tight throat. Perhaps tension headaches interfering with your ability to concentrate. Maybe you haven’t been able to sleep for what seems like an eternity. In short, you feel like an emotional mess.

You participate in class, you do your homework and you study hard. You understand the material and then testing day comes. Suddenly, your mind blanks out and your body freezes up. Anxiety takes hold as your heart accelerates, your breath quickens and you feel the perspiration beading up on your skin. You feel so nervous that nothing on the pages or screen before you makes any sense. What frustrates you even more is that you knew how to answer most or all of the questions yesterday, but now you’re at a loss on how to respond to most of them. Your mind and body seize up as you enter a state of acute anxiety and sometimes full blown panic.

Thoughts of your future not going as planned, the fear of failing and disappointing yourself and others floods your mind. Perhaps you’re about to sit for the SAT, LSAT, MCAT or any other type of exam, your career and path depending heavily on these results. You’re feeling like a wreck, you want to scream from the inside but can’t. There’s no denying it, you have a serious case of test and exam anxiety. If any of this sounds familiar to you, keep reading.


By using the power of the subconscious we can develop healthier study and test-taking habits and skills creating new associations in the mind. We can break the loop of negative self talk, limiting beliefs and eradicate the looming fear of failure. We can set you up to not only pass, but ace those exams. Hypnosis can help deal with issues such as controlling anxiety, blocking out distractions and improving focus and memory. With the use of hypnosis we can literally create a new belief system which is an essential component of change and busting apart negative patterns of thinking and behavior.  We can put an end to procrastination, worry and the destructive grip of perfectionism. With hypnosis and NLP techniques we can literally tap into the subconscious mind’s powerful resources and ‘anchor’ a positive state before and during the exam. We can zero in with razor sharp focus and clarity while in a calm and confident state. You CAN conquer test and exam anxiety.

It works a little like this.  In hypnosis we create an anchor which is a subconscious connection that sets in motion all the conditions necessary and crucial to put yourself in the ‘ZONE’ ready to crush the exam with power and confidence. When you’re ready, you ‘fire’ the anchor and allow the strength of the amazing mind-body connection to do the rest. We tap into your deep inner wisdom which allows you to focus in on the goal without the mind being full of unnecessary and unwanted clutter – we streamline. Using the imagination along with calming techniques we then trigger these anchors. Visual, auditory, and kin-esthetic which imprint the mental and physiological state allowing you to access the information that resides within the vast library and powerhouse of knowledge, information and reasoning that is our subconscious. Please also think of it as your friend, it truly is.

Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of people of all ages suffering with test, exam anxiety and terror I can tell you that hypnosis is an outstanding way to overcome this. Usually only one or two sessions are needed, occasionally more. I give my clients a recording of their sessions so they can practice and learn self-hypnosis to re-enforce the positive shifts and changes. I so look forward to and am thrilled by those calls, texts, and emails from my clients telling me how they went into the ZONE, crushed the exam and actually enjoyed it at the same time. Yes, that’s right. ENJOYED IT AT THE SAME TIME!

So if you want to conquer test and exam anxiety, or know someone else who needs to, get in touch. It doesn’t have to be in the office; from anywhere in the country or the world we can work together on Zoom or Face Time just as effectively.

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To Your Success.

Be confident and stay humble.
Vanessa Lindgren, Cht
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Originally from England and I started hypnosis when I was only 14 years old! I use the amazing power of the subconscious to help my clients make positive and lasting changes from the inside out. Whether they are victims of abuse, overweight, insomniacs, obsessive, over stressed, suffering from panic/anxiety disorder, IBS, needing confidence or wanting to increase sales and sports performance hypnosis is a powerful tool.