how to better believe in yourself

How Do Hypnotherapists Work Successfully Within a Client’s Belief System?

Hypnosis is something that hypnotist and client do together. It really is team work but it’s crucial for the hypnotherapist to set the ‘framework’ up extremely masterfully before any actual hypnosis takes place.

How to be a better sales person

Hypnosis For High Sales Performance

Is it true that some people are able to sell ice to Eskimos!? I believe it is. Maybe they’ll sell them better ice! Lol! Selling is not for everybody and not for the faint of heart. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to go out ...

how to overcome Child Abuse issues

Using Hypnosis To Release The Pain And Trauma Of Child Sexual And Physical Abuse

WITH all my heart, I hope that very few of you reading this have had to know the deep, scarring wounds that childhood abuse in all forms can leave. This subject is very close to my soul as I am a survivor of both extreme physical and ...

solve insomnia problems

Why Hypnosis Works So Well For Insomnia

ANYONE who has or is suffering with chronic insomnia will tell you that it feels like a form of torture. Over my very many years of working as a hypnotherapist, the topic of insomnia is one of the most prevalent. Although of course ...

vaporizing habit and overcoming it

Tips For QUITTING Smoking, Vaping, E-Cigarettes

HYPNOSIS to quit smoking, vaping, or E-cigarettes is a highly effective way to go. Most people have heard of this or know someone who has easily and successfully been able to quit smoking by using hypnosis. Here’s why. When the ...

using hypnosis to lose weight

Hypnosis Is Fantastic For Weight Loss

WHY IS HYPNOSIS SO EFFECTIVE FOR WEIGHT LOSS? Each of us has an extremely personal relationship with food, it can even be secretive. For some it’s like a love hate destructive affair. We all know the obvious, that we lose weight ...

dealing with Fibromyalgia pain and symptoms

The Effectiveness of Hypnosis for Fibromyalgia Pain

Today, the treatment of chronic pain syndromes such as FMS are clearly under studied and insufficient. With sincere respect to those who treat and pioneer studies for FMS in clinical practice, this writer believes that the traditional ...

Vanessa Lindgren Interview – At Loudoun Podcast Magazine

Listen as Hypnotist Vanessa Lindgren is interviewed by Mike Donaldson of At Loudoun Podcast Magazine talking all things hypnosis.

Dealing With Anxiety And Panic

Dealing With Anxiety And Panic

Dealing with anxiety and panic. THE marriage between hypnosis and anxiety is a very happy one.  Anxiety can come in many forms and is, in my opinion, at the base of countless problems and illnesses that my clients struggle with. ...

What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis?

Under hypnosis, we are more open than usual to positive suggestions, and this can be used to alter the way we perceive situations, how we behave and react to our deep seated emotions. Clinical hypnosis can be used to improve our health ...