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~”Never be a prisoner of your past – it was just a lesson – not a life sentence.”~

 With close to 30 years of experience and expertise

I can and will help you.

ARE YOU FEELING STUCK? You might know what to do and just can’t do it. That’s because you have a subconscious problem, not a conscious problem. In the Metro DC area and Northern Virginia we help solve these issues on a daily basis.

Vanessa Lindgren, Certified Hypnotist with almost 30 years of experience. Modern Hypnosis Works, LLC™ Owned and operated by Vanessa Lindgren, CHt.

Vanessa is honored and privileged to be working in a multi award winning medical Doctor’s office in Leesburg. She also works from Western Loudoun. Vanessa and Modern Hypnosis Works™ is affiliated with Dr. Martha Calihan, from Five Stones Wellness/Integrative Functional Medicine Center. Dr. Calihan believes greatly in the power of mind body medicine and refers many of her patients who she feels hypnosis would greatly benefit. Many other MDs, psychologists and dentists routinely refer their patients to Vanessa to work alongside them in cases where they feel hypnosis will be extremely helpful to their patients.

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She also works with clients worldwide via Face-Time, Skype and Zoom. This is particularly helpful not only for those clients in other countries, or not near her geographically, but also for the disabled or for those who can’t leave their homes due to agoraphobia or when weather conditions are poor, and various other reasons. There are an unlimited number of applications for hypnosis, which hypnotists and clients continue to discover. Not only is hypnosis used to place positive suggestions within the mind, but also to uncover the root cause of a disorder or symptom. Discover the many benefits of hypnosis by visiting our:

Hypnotherapy / Services / Uses page.

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