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Dear Vanessa,
Sorry if I am sending you this a bit late, but it just popped in to my mind to email you! I wanted you to know I am doing very well and have improved immensely since you and I had our session! Over the weekend I was in a tournament of 28 people around my age and finished 2nd! While I obviously would have liked to have been first, baby steps are just as important. Also, today as I am writing this at 11:07 p.m., I shot my best score ever on nine holes. I shot 40 on my home course which is four over par! Previously my best was 44, because I would start well and then negative thoughts entered my head, and I fell apart. Thankfully after remembering the techniques you gave me I stayed on my game. Sorry I have not contacted you in a while , and I am sorry this is a bit long, but I am very elated at the moment! I hope to recall more of my successes to you in the future!
Wishing you the best,
B. W.