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Northern Virginia Hypnotist Vanessa Lindgren Modern Hypnosis Works LLC. Strives for the best in client care and is proud to offer the latest in hypnosis solutions for a wide variety of personal improvements. Our in-office hypnosis/hypnotherapy sessions are available to the Leesburg, Virginia, United States and the surrounding areas. For clients out of our area, we also offer online hypnosis sessions as well as a self-improvement MP3 downloads.

There are an unlimited number of applications for hypnosis, which clients and therapists continue to discover. Not only is hypnosis used to place positive suggestions within the mind, but also to uncover the root cause of a disorder or symptom. Discover the many benefits of hypnosis by visiting our Hypnosis Uses page.

Modern Hypnosis Works LLC. is owned and operated by Vanessa Lindgren, CHT, MH a hypnotist with more than 20 years experience.

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You will find lots of interesting articles, stories and great information on hypnosis by going to Vanessa’s FACEBOOK page which is more like a blog and is constantly being updated.